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Anshu Verma Posts

Recover a Lost MySQL Password

If you are using MySQL on Debian / Ubuntu Linux then use following command:


Uninstall / Remove MySQL from linux

Facing issues related to MySQL installation? Uninstall / Remove mysql from linux including MySQL configuration

  1. Uninstall MySQL package
  2. Remove/Rename MySQL directory

You can find mysql directory path entry for mysql directory in my.cnf with attribute datadir.

PowerSchool Student Immunization Non-Compliance SQL


PowerSchool – Getting Parents Username and Email from Access Accounts

With the above code, I have limited the result to only mother and father.

To add more into the result here is the list of relationship type ID in powerschool, you will need to edit line number 39 and add more relationship type ID’s.


Javascript – Capture Multiple Form Changes

On page load we can use a JavaScript function to capture the data in the forms – this can be done quite simply with jQuery’s serializeArray()

This assumes each form has a unique id – if your forms don’t have id’s we can modify the code to give the form an id.

Now you can do the following