Customize Parent/Student Portal Menu

Create / Hide menu items for parent/student portal. Easily customize the parent/student menu from your admin portal without editing/adding any custom insertion point or including a file (through a wildcard or otherwise)

If you’ve trouble with creating parent/student portal menu items in PowerSchool? With Custom Links, you can easily create menu items for the student/parents portal from a single page. You can also hide core menu items which came with PowerSchool. You can create links to built-in pages, custom pages, or external sites.

Download Here


  1. Log in to PowerSchool as an admin and navigate to Plugin Management Dashboard.
  2. Click Install to add the plugin.
  3. Add file.
  4. Click Install.
  5. Find the plugin “Parent/Student Portal Customize Menu” from the list and click the enabled checkbox.
  6. A new popup displays asking for permission for the plugin to create certain data tables and columns.


Log in to PowerSchool as an admin and navigate to System Setup to Hide / Add New Menu Items under “AV Parent/Student Portal Menu Customisation”

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